Pencil-Pal Phonics

Pencil-Pal Phonics 1.0

It uses a variety of methods to review, teach, and reinforce phonics skills

This software uses a variety of methods to review, teach, and reinforce phonics skills. Type your name, and then click OK. The Phonics Firehouse has characters behind each of the doors. A character appears when you click on a door. You can try a dot-to-dot activity by clicking the orange door.
Germaine Giraffe will introduce you to the activity. The top right window opens to reveal a joke-telling Paramedic Pete. Each time you click the door, you will hear a different joke. Click the alarm to see a funny animation. Morris Moose in the fire truck will take you to the movie selections.
Click the top left window to meet Feemi Flamingo and enter the art studio. Or click the purple doors to find Zachary Zebra, who will take you to play an educational game.
Educational Skills:
- Short Vowels
- Long Vowels
- Combination Sounds
- Blends
- Beginning Sounds
- Ending Sounds
- Rhyming Families
- Letter and Number Sequence
Main features:
-School Zone Interactive software keeps children actively engaged.
-Educators developed this electronic workbook; it contains the most current and essential skills, content and approaches.
-Learning is reinforced with audi-and animated rewards.
-Simple program design allows children t-work independently.
-Drawing, painting, and coloring activities encourage creative learning.
-Jokes and movies keep children motivated.
-Creative themes, adorable characters and playful melodies appeal t-children.

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